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Red Robot
CJ design is being lead by Chris Romanowski with over twenty years experience in the apparel industry. Chris brings alot of experience and knowledge to the table. With being an athlete all through his life and having an eye for design. Instead of going to a university he chose to go to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for graphic design. There he brought his talents to the next level. From there he got a job in the fashion industry where he would learn from the best. Working on design teams in all facets of the industry. From graphic designer to art director then on to be a designer. He learned about construction, marketing and trends to add to his talents. Although comfortable, Chris realized that if he wanted to pursue his dreams as a brand owner, he needed to add to his skill set.  At night with 3 kids and a wife he taught himself how to screen print and use a vinyl cutter to promote products. He learned about all the equipment that would give him low over head. Through a combination of passion, experience and motivation, Chris is the right person to work with for your design needs.    
Black Robot
CJ design art director and partner, James Galindo had a dream when he was boy, to be involved in the art and design world. He drew and created his own cartoon comic book style art and stories. He was praised for his talents and his ability to work well with others. He’s been working since the age of 9 through his family business and learned what it took to be a leader, hardworker and a person people respected. So like any creative person would do, he got married young, worked as an IT guy and daydreamed. One day he decided to leave his job, go back to college and change his major to graphic design. He was offered an opportunity, while in college, to try his design skill in the city and, after he was able to prove himself, he began his career in the design world. His creative skills range from apparel design to book layout, he was the guy people went to when they needed something completed from design to finished product. He has been able to create amazing relationships with everyone he’s worked with. He always adds that personal touch that leaves people always coming back to him for freelance and consulting work. Together with Chris they have been able to build a design studio where you are truly only limited by your imagination. So, for them, there are no limits.
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